V, a fictional brand I created as part of a course project, is a beauty brand designed for the modern vampire. It's not your normal dark and bloody vampire imagery though. Instead it's bold and colourful, just like vampires today would be if they existed. 

V consists of three product lines, called ante, peri, and post (from antemortem, perimortem and postmortem, the three stages of life/death). Each line has it's own pattern and color, loosely inspired by blood and the colour of lips when alive/dead. The three lines' patterns and colours put together create V's own image. 

The three lines are applied on a number of beauty products, as well as collateral products such as shopping bags, business cards, greeting cards or posters. 



//typography (a mix of classic and modern) and colours (pure black, magenta, red, and blue)

//colours and patterns for each line, as well as V (to the right)

//product packaging

//individual shopping bags

//V shopping bag

//gift box

//business card

//greeting card from the founder of V, Elizabeth Báthory, famous Hungarian noblewoman from the 16th century thought to have been a vampire (and to have bathed in the blood of virgins)

//V poster

//postcard or greeting card

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