My name is 

Silvia Lupuianu and this is my portfolio.

Silvia Lupuianu hates talking about herself in the third person, but does it anyway. For dramatic effect. 

It feels weird talking about myself in general, but I suppose I have to get things rolling somehow. So, here we go...

A little cliché, but I like to think outside the box, paint outside the lines (hinting that verrrryyy discretely with my logo...). A little better: I like to do a bit of everything, which is why this portfolio is a little all over the place... But I am dedicated to everything I do - I love sleeping, but I will gladly deny myself those sweet zzz's if I have something to do. I give it my all and sometimes a little extra. And I love it.  

Practical info: I am 30-something years old and work as a designer/developer at Hamrén. I'm from Romania, the land of vampires and unfounded stereotypes (it's really a beautiful country and nobody knows it...). I moved to Sweden about a decade ago. Before that, I got my Bachelor's Degree in translation, interpretation and multicultural communication at Babes-Bolyay University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. During my studies in Romania I also worked as a graphic designer for the French Institute. 

After I moved to Sweden, I freelanced for a while and then decided to officially study graphic design. During round two of studies, I was part of the marketing group of a student film association called Stubinen and I helped layout the graduate book for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 GDK Graduate Days (called EX15, EX16, EX17 respectively). I was also the Head of PR for the GDK student council, as well as Head of Layout, and later on second editor in chief for the student magazine Linopressen.  

During my last year at university I'd continued working part-time at Hamrén, where I had previously been an intern. So three days after graduation I started working there full-time and have been there ever since, working with branding, print, content and code. Check us out if you're curious why I haven't updated this portfolio in a long while. 

Silvia Lupuianu is also a weird human being and does NOT deny it.

Bonus info: I watch an unhealthy amount of TV-shows and films, I can't let go of a book until I've finished reading the whole thing (and buy more books than I have room for on my bookshelves - the floor works too I guess...), I get my best ideas when I can't sleep (happens a bit too often...), I strongly dislike the sun, I have two geometric tattoos featuring the colours CMYK, respectively RGB (I am a nerd), and I like lists (no duh...).

That was a little about me. Maybe too much... I have trouble stopping when I start writing. If you managed to read everything, thank you and sorry (sort of). 


Now go look at cool stuff. 


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