//ABBA is back

As part of a course project during my first year studying graphic design, I worked together with a group to design a marketing campaign for a fictional ABBA comeback concert. 

My group and I decided to design a series of teaser posters featuring memorable concert dates and locations and popular ABBA lyrics (together with their corresponding music notes) hinting of a comeback. When put together, the posters would create a timeline. The end of the timeline would be released at a later time in the form of a poster for a New Year's concert in Stockholm. 

We also created two simple stop-motion videos that illustrate the concept. One is a teaser based on an individual poster, the other shows the entire timeline. Both feature ABBA music played backwards (sic). Watch here and here.

//in collaboration with Ebba Lindström, Emil Svedin, and Sarah Österhed


//teaser posters

//final poster

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